• 1945

    •A. K. Khan & Company Ltd. was established

  • 1945-1958

    •8 new companies were setup

  • 1958-1962

    •A. K. Khan became Federal Minister

  • 1979

    •Bengal Fisheries Ltd. was established

  • 1982

    •Most of the nationalized units were returned

  • 1989

    •Total Thread was established

  • 1991-1995

    •A.M. Zahiruddin Khan became Minister

  • 1996

    •Telecom Licensed awarded

  • 1999

    •Akceycom Limited was established

  • 2008

    •A.K. Khan & Company Ltd. sold out AKTEL share

  • 2009

    •A.K. Khan Penfabric Company Ltd. was established.

  • 2011

    •Joint Venture with Water Health International, USA and IFC.

    •A.K. Khan Penfabric Company Ltd. and A. K. Khan Securities Ltd. started its commercial operation.

  • 2012

    •AKKhan Water Health was established

  • 2013


    •AKK- Union (Bangladesh) Limited

A.K. Khan & Company Ltd


Vision & Mission


To strive for business excellence through Joint Ventures to match the state of the art technologies and R&D of our foreign partners coupled with the expertise and extensive industrial experience of our group to compete in the global economy.


> To create optimum value for all our stakeholders by adhering to the highest ethical
> To pursue customer satisfaction relentlessly through deliverance of high quality
   products and services.
> To strive for providing employment opportunity to reduce unemployment.
> To create centers of excellence in industrial and service sectors through Joint
> To contribute to the well being of the society by acting as a responsible corporate
   citizen through valuable CSR activities.