• 1945

    •A. K. Khan & Company Ltd. was established

  • 1945-1958

    •8 new companies were setup

  • 1958-1962

    •A. K. Khan became Federal Minister

  • 1979

    •Bengal Fisheries Ltd. was established

  • 1982

    •Most of the nationalized units were returned

  • 1989

    •Total Thread was established

  • 1991-1995

    •A.M. Zahiruddin Khan became Minister

  • 1996

    •Telecom Licensed awarded

  • 1999

    •Akceycom Limited was established

  • 2008

    •A.K. Khan & Company Ltd. sold out AKTEL share

  • 2009

    •A.K. Khan Penfabric Company Ltd. was established.

  • 2011

    •Joint Venture with Water Health International, USA and IFC.

    •A.K. Khan Penfabric Company Ltd. and A. K. Khan Securities Ltd. started its commercial operation.

  • 2012

    •AKKhan Water Health was established

  • 2013


    •AKK- Union (Bangladesh) Limited

A.K. Khan & Company Ltd



A. K. Khan & Company Ltd. signed a joint venture agreement with RPG Enterprises flagship tyre Company CEAT to build a factory to produce 110 metric tons per day at a cost of US$67 million. The deal marks one of the largest investments by an Indian firm in Bangladesh and is a union of two like minded top corporate houses. The Company could create direct and indirect employment for 1,000 people and act as an import substitute. The state of the art factory is expected to produce tires for the local and export markets in 2014.

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