• 1945

    •A. K. Khan & Company Ltd. was established

  • 1945-1958

    •8 new companies were setup

  • 1958-1962

    •A. K. Khan became Federal Minister

  • 1979

    •Bengal Fisheries Ltd. was established

  • 1982

    •Most of the nationalized units were returned

  • 1989

    •Total Thread was established

  • 1991-1995

    •A.M. Zahiruddin Khan became Minister

  • 1996

    •Telecom Licensed awarded

  • 1999

    •Akceycom Limited was established

  • 2008

    •A.K. Khan & Company Ltd. sold out AKTEL share

  • 2009

    •A.K. Khan Penfabric Company Ltd. was established.

  • 2011

    •Joint Venture with Water Health International, USA and IFC.

    •A.K. Khan Penfabric Company Ltd. and A. K. Khan Securities Ltd. started its commercial operation.

  • 2012

    •AKKhan Water Health was established

  • 2013


    •AKK- Union (Bangladesh) Limited

A.K. Khan & Company Ltd


Milestone 2011

AKKHAN Waterhealth Bangladesh – a Joint Venture with Water Health International, USA and International Finance Corporation (IFC) was established for providing clean drinking water to rural and peri-urban areas through a decentralized community water system model.
A.K. Khan Penfabric Company Limited, – a Joint Venture between A. K. Khan & Company Ltd. and Penfabric Sdn. Berhad. (PAB), Ltd. started its commercial operation in March 2011.
A.K. Khan Securities Ltd. started its operation in both Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE).