• 1945

    •A. K. Khan & Company Ltd. was established

  • 1945-1958

    •8 new companies were setup

  • 1958-1962

    •A. K. Khan became Federal Minister

  • 1979

    •Bengal Fisheries Ltd. was established

  • 1982

    •Most of the nationalized units were returned

  • 1989

    •Total Thread was established

  • 1991-1995

    •A.M. Zahiruddin Khan became Minister

  • 1996

    •Telecom Licensed awarded

  • 1999

    •Akceycom Limited was established

  • 2008

    •A.K. Khan & Company Ltd. sold out AKTEL share

  • 2009

    •A.K. Khan Penfabric Company Ltd. was established.

  • 2011

    •Joint Venture with Water Health International, USA and IFC.

    •A.K. Khan Penfabric Company Ltd. and A. K. Khan Securities Ltd. started its commercial operation.

  • 2012

    •AKKhan Water Health was established

  • 2013


    •AKK- Union (Bangladesh) Limited

A.K. Khan & Company Ltd


A K Khan Economic Zone (AKKEZ)

Government adopted the EPZ concept as an ‘Open Door Policy’ to attract the foreign investment in Bangladesh. With a view to provide services in this sector, we have planned to establish AK KHAN ECONOMIC ZONE (AKKEZ).

Objectives of EZ:
• Provide special areas where investors would find a congenial investment climate.
• Cost effective production facilities.
• Attract new investment into the country.
• EZs will bring about a new dimension.
• Lead to export development.
• Development of Backward & Forward linkages, technology transfer and skills.
• Create Employment.

The EZs will enjoy all the privileges and intensives as per EZ rule. Most Unique Facilities of AKKEZ are as follows:
• In house port facility.
• Quick shipment of goods, raw materials & finished products.
• Nominal transport/ logistic cost for shipment.
• Free from any sort of Strike/ Hartal i.e. reduction of lead time.
• Easier & Faster ICD storage facility.
• Special Storage facility for High-value Import & Export Items.
• Substantial reduction of production & operating costs.

AKSEZs will cater to various types of investors comprising of-
• Foreign ownership, Joint Venture & Local Investors.
• Small to medium sized industrial units.